It Begins: Train Room Paint Job

Finally, the long awaited train room painting could begin. I started in the closet, as I will need a place to stash train parts and other things, which are currently filling up my dining room.

What a mess.

I am using a Behr satin enamel and a Zibra brush. The tarp was part of a Halloween decoration, so don’t be alarmed by the blood spatter.

Just from cutting in for the first coat, you can see how dilapidated the poor closet was.

The first coat went on well enough.

The second coat really did the trick.
This side of the shelves turned out well also.

For whatever reason, I didn’t do the trim until the next day, even though everything ended up being the same color.

The finished product.

I didn’t bother with the outside trim, I figure I’ll do the whole room’s trim in one shot. I did take a couple of pictures to show the difference and how a little paint goes a long way:

Newly painted trim on the left, unpainted on the right.

Over the next few days, I’ll be prepping and painting the ceiling.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading along!


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