How I Cook Cheeseburgers

Lunchtime came. The hunger gripped me like an owl in the night. What was I to do? Why, the only sensible thing for a big American guy: CHEESEBURGERS.

First things first: get your cooking surfaces in order. I use a cast iron pan for the burgers and a nonstick for fries. The cast iron gets pre-heated at about medium heat.

While that’s going on, prep your taters, burgers and buns. Nothing fancy here, I just use frozen patties from Kroger with salt, pepper and mustard. The thick cut fries get the same, minus the mustard, add a dash of garlic. The buns, however, are a different story.

Yep, those are jalapeños. Fresh from my friend’s garden (I traded her a dozen eggs for a bag of peppers), paired with a BBQ sauce and yellow banana peppers, from the same garden. A standard slice of American cheese rounds out the bun situation.

It’s melting!

Sometimes I use olive oil for the fries, sometimes it’s butter. Today was obviously butter. I turn the heat up to about 3/4, just under full blast.

When the butter gets to this point, I add the fries.

They’ll fry in there for a few minutes (four or five) before the burgers get tossed in the cast iron.

The frozen patties cook super quick, maybe two minutes per side, so you have to be fast with your flipping.

The potatoes get flipped around this time
It’s all done! Let it cool off for a minute!
Ready for lunch, served with a dab of BBQ sauce and ranch for dipping. Coffee is mandatory.

Everything was delicious, as expected. What I didn’t expect was the jalapeños. They were SO HOT I had to wash them down with a glass of milk.

And that’s lunch. Hopefully you saw something interesting or were inspired to do it yourself! Thanks for reading along!


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