Do Not Allow Your Fear To Control You

Just don’t. Whatever pops into your head, act on it.

I was reading a book not 20 minutes ago and the idea for a post title occurred to me. That was all, I only had the title in mind. You are now reading that post.

It took LESS than five minutes, from conception to waiting for my computer to boot up so I could write this, for the fears and doubts to creep in. “What if nobody likes it?” “Hasn’t that topic been done to death?” Fuck all of that, if you have an idea that won’t land you in prison, do it. (While I was waiting for the computer to boot up, I grabbed pencil and paper and started making an outline, by the way. This really did help me shoo the fear away.)

Example: yesterday it rained heavily and afterward, I noticed the concrete pad in my backyard was flooded because the neighbor’s gutter was overflowing. All day, I wrestled and wrangled with how to bring it to their attention without being an asshole. Later that evening, while cutting the grass, I saw said neighbor relaxing on his porch doing whatever on his iPad. I figured it was now or never and they’re (the household is comprised of three or four young guys renting) really cool. So I just walked over there and told him what was going on. I even offered to climb up there and fix it myself. He said no no, he’ll let the landlord know to get somebody out there ASAP. Simple. Today, I have no idea what I was so afraid of yesterday.

It can be, and often starts with, something as simple as telling your neighbor their gutters are overflowing. It probably won’t be perfect but you’ll have done more than the vast majority of people. If you can think it, you can do it. So go do it.


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