34345892_1895569160494524_4163318722947186688_n I submit for your interest my youngest bird.

Her name is Amelia and she is a Red Junglefowl, which is an ancestor of modern chickens. She is 12 weeks old and about the size of a Robin, if not slightly larger. I named her Amelia shortly after my friend, the breeder, dropped her (a tiny baby chick) off, as she was already trying to fly, even with no feathers!

Amelia enjoys sitting on my hand, flapping, pooping on everything (if you look closely, she’s made one specially for this photo!) and making weird noises. She has had limited contact with my fully grown Dominique hens, as they are much larger and bird acclimation is a difficult, often dangerous process. So, for the time being, she lives in a plastic tub in my home office, the only place in the house safe from the cat.

I will chronicle her growth, life and times here, on this very blog!


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