Crossing Over

You can just see the Mackinac Bridge off in the distance, dead ahead

Heading North from the farm, we soon arrived at the Mackinac Bridge, which connects the Lower and Upper Peninsulas of Michigan. I was now going to play passenger for the duration of the trip and was/am glad of it.

Beginning the crossing

The crossing itself was uneventful. The view, however, is breathtaking and I doubt these photos do it any justice.

I don’t think you can see it very well, but the Mackinac City Lighthouse is to the right

I forgot to mention my friend brought his birds as well. Neither of us can function properly without a court of fowl.
Here, you can see both Mackinac (left) and Bois Blanc (right) Islands

After crossing the bridge, we stopped in St. Ignace to view some museums and grab lunch. I will detail this in the next post.

Note: it has been brought to my attention these posts are not uploading correctly, I may have to re-do them and post the remaining content in a burst.

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Further Images and Musings

Fairly standard Michigan countryside
I really thought I grabbed a great picture of a crop duster taking off but seem to be imagining things
It’s just fun to say “Pinconning”
A neat looking (to me!) dilapidated barn
I like trees and such


There WAS a picture of a “no skateboarding” sign and a witty caption about it but it seems to have disappeared, so please imagine a “no skateboarding” sign at a rest stop in the countryside in this space.

The inevitable flapping

First Fill Up, More Scenes From The Road

Frankenmuth is tight, but I don’t need any knick-knacks today!

I don’t normally stop for gas until the tank’s halfway empty, but I saw an sign touting E-85 (I am just nuts about the stuff, it’s great!)and stopped earlier than normal to fill up at a station in………………well, I’m not sure.

I had to do it to ’em

SOMEBODY decided to “help.”

The Zilwaukee Bridge is interesting
The view from said bridge
And yes, Zilwaukee IS a real place.

Scenes From A Road Trip

About an hour ago, I embarked upon a trip “Up North” as they say, referring to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I will pepper my blog with scenes from the trip and commentary. The first leg of the trip is to a small town outside Petoskey, about a four hour drive for me.

From what I understand, the destination Up North is an Indian Reservation where all kinds of weird stuff will happen. Should be a good time!

A rest stop someplace in Michigan.

Perhaps adding to the intrigue, I brought a friend along. It is important to have company on long trips, you see.

Amelia On Her Own!

Today marks the first day I left Amelia outside on her own for any appreciable length of time.

The big girls didn’t destroy her and she didn’t run to me, begging for shelter when I came out to check, so I presume it went well!

“Come on……really?”

Her mite infestation seems to be clearing up and the missing feathers beneath her wings are growing back!

Amelia, pecking at……something on the deck.